Welcome to My Digital Portfolio

In the last few years, I have only attended one school. I wouldn't change that for the world. Of the five different schools I've attended, Early College High School is my favorite. The student atmosphere is great. My friends are like a second family to me, always there, supportive and encouraging. The school has its rough spots, but it's still young and will definitely continue to improve.

Enjoy the website, and feel free to contact me with any questions from my contact form, here.

-Harrison C


To begin, select one of the years along the left sidebar. For the 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 school years, each link will lead you to a subject page from which you can read about the core classes of that year, and a short bit on the college classes. From this year, the 2009-2010 link, you'll find some new features. Each class has multiple sub-pages, each with a different project, and as many photos as I can dig up for them.

On Development

The styles for each year vary as I develop and advance my website. This year, I will be incorporating elements of jQuery Javascript into my project pages to incorporate a gallery style display. This will improve the aesthetic, usability, and overall impression of the website. I do my best to maintain a strict XHTML compliance, using HTML code that complies with W3C standards.

With this year's devlopment, I have dived into the world of Javascript and social network integration. I'll be using the extensive and wildly useful and customizeable jQuery Javascript library to build various functions that do anything from keep my navigation floating at the right place, to making sure you readers aren't really little robots trying to spam the heck out of me.


I have to say, I took a lot of inspiration from the amazing work of the Flowplayer company, and the jQuery Tools UI library they developed. Their jQuery Javascript tools are the key behind many of the special effects on my portfolio, including the tabbed navigation on each year's summaries, the accordion style navigation to the left of this box, and the floating effect that the box has. I also pulled inspiration, design-wise from Brenan W's Binary Colour website, using a floating navigation bar. However, I have not yet gotten to the point that I am integrating my weblog completely into my website. Perhaps in the future. ;) (A hint at more development!)